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TGI El Gouna & Dive Against Debris


September has been a busy month at TGI El Gouna.


Many new divers have been trained and many more have continued there education and dived with us.

Through the month we have met all kinds of wonderful animals including Dolphins, Turtles and even a little white tip shark.

This month as well as our regular activities we have been encouraging all our guests to get involved with our dive against debris.

We have made 12 dives where we have collected lots of things, from old clothing to a bathroom sink, as well as lots of fishing line and other bits and pieces.

Thanks to everyone who helped out, we always have collection bags available and anytime we notice a site getting messy we take action.

Every dive can help! So next time you see some trash underwater. if you can safely just pick it up and bring it out!

TGI El Gouna team 

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