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Dive Against Debris Marine Cleanup on Malapascua Island, Philippines


On September 12th, Thresher Shark Divers on Malapascua Island in the Philippines participated Project Aware's Dive Against Debris Marine Cleanup and Survey.  We had a great turn out of 19 participants that helped clean Bounty Beach and dive site Bakhaw.  On the beach we found everything from cigarette filters, food wrappers, bottle caps and bottles, and enough old flip flops to fill a women's closet.  Fortunately, we didn't find too much debris on the dive site, just a few plastic wrappers, some fishing line, a glass bottle or two, and a few nappies.  The most unusual item we found underwater was a sweater.  We gathered a grand total of about 10 kilos of garbage!


After the dive, we all gathered at the beachfront rooftop Oscar's Restaurant for a tasty bbq, some of Oscar's famous Rum Punch, and prizes for all the participants.  

Thank you for everyone who helped support a clean and healthy ocean in Malapascua and a special thanks to DMT's Luke and Dom for their leadership!

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