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Cayo Jutias, Cuba


On April 24th, 2016 Thunderbeard Outdoor Restoration Organization visited Cayo Jutias, a small island off of the northwestern coast of Cuba.  We drove about an hour north of the town of Vinales, over fairly treacherous and pothole ridden village roads, and a relatively well-maintained causeway, to the western end of Cayo Jutias.  The views on this drive are indescribable, with white sands and cyan seas in one direction, and the otherworldly mogotes of Vinales in the other.  The area feels extremely remote so we were shocked to find a developed bar/restaurant tourist hangout at the end of the caye, complete with paddle boats and a dive shop. 

We performed a beach cleanup almost a mile south of the restaurant to the end of the caye on behalf of Project Aware (link coming soon).  Most of the garbage we found was centered around the restaurant and scattered down the beach where tourists had hiked or made camp.  There didn't seem to be any washing in from the sea or in the water.  The public garbage cans in front of the restaurant and tourist area were broken, overflowing, and did not have bags.  It seems like some minor improvements to these trash bins would reduce the detritus in the immediate area and along the otherwise pristine beach significantly.

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