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Yes! It is going to happen again in Helsinki on SATURDAY 24th August 2013 between 11-15 o'clock. So anyone in Helsinki at the time, come along. The place TOKOINRANTA is  really an interesting one, being situated at the heart of big city. We will be cleaning a boat club's mooring area, which is actually BIG! We did not quite realize this, when we started to plan the event in the middle of the winter, with snow upto 50cm around and all the water areas covered so solid that you really did not have a chance to seriously assess, how a place would look like in spring. Well, it is spring now in Helsinki, and we...those working on the project, went to see the place. We went quiet for a bit. This means we'll be needing lots of people to take care of everything, especially the divers' safety. And in the same time, this place is splendid; it is easy to access, and as it's in the heart of the city (only a few hundred meters from the central railway station actually, in a place called Tokoinranta, we are sure to get the attention of the public!! And that is the main reason for doing this; to get people's attention and to awaken people into realizing that the Baltic Sea need EVERYONE's greatest attention, as it is the most polluted and suffering of all water areas, which carry the name of SEA, in the world!!! It is such a sad, sad first place to have!! 

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