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The Great Fiji Shark Count


Through out the month of April 2012, guests at Tokoriki Island Resort are assisting "science" by taking part in a Fiji wide survey of sharks, turtles and rays.

If guests see any of these species on a fishing trip, snorkel or scuba dive they are asked to identify exactly what they saw and details recorded in a log book. 

The aim of the survey is to try to create a real picture of which sharks live where and to get an idea of shark numbers in Fiji.

With as many as 73 million sharks killed each year, largely due to shark finning, and some of this taking place in Fiji waters, we felt as a dive shop compelled to get our guests involved.  The beauty of this survey is that it is easy to do.

The Fiji Government is looking to pass a bill to make commerical shark fishing in Fiji illegal.  Should sharks been given full protection, future shark counts will be used to record how successful it is in restoring shark stocks.

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