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Turtle highlights for Tokoriki Island Resort guests



Right in front of Tokorki Island Resort is a spectacular reef called ‘Tokoriki Wall’.  It has always been a favourite with Tokoriki’s scuba divers and is ideal for people on their very first PADI Discover Scuba Diving Experience as well as more seasoned divers.


Over the years the reef has become more interesting for divers with the placing of a few of our tridacna gigas clams from our Giant Clam Project,as well as two coral planting racks.


The discovery of ‘Shrimptastic’ dive site—a small pinnacle off the main reef has attracted media attention for its range of shrimps as well as keen underwater photographers.


However it was the introduction of Marine Reserve status to the site three years ago that has attracted the stars of the reef—the Hawksbill Turtle.


We now have around a 90% chance on our dives of seeing these amazing creatures.  We definitely have two resident turtles, possibly a third.  They are always beautiful to watch and are for many people a holiday highlight.


One occasion however will remain embedded in Alex’s—one of Tokoriki’s Dive Instructor’s, mind for ever...watching turtles eat jelly fish!  Jelly fish are a favourite food  of turtles, but never before had she seen them gorging on a jelly fish feast.  So content to be eating their favourite snack, they were completely oblivious to Alex and her small group of certified divers.


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