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Tokoriki Island Giant Clam Regeneration Site gets Marine Park thumbs up!


On a small platform reef, around 600m offshore from Tokoriki Island Resort, is our Giant Clam Project site.  Set up by Will and Alex (that's us) in 2000, in conjunction with the Ministry of Fisheries, the project set out to reestablish the extinct tridacna gigas clams back into the area.  With no marine science training, but with a passion for the environment, we planted over 800 baby clams at various stages throughout the decade.  To cut a long story short over 10 years on we now have over 100 Clams of various species.  Our most treasured possessions the tridacna gigas now weigh in at over 40kg and measure around 80cm in length!  According to the Ministry of Fisheries our site now houses the largest number of gigas clams in Fiji!

In April, as one of our Earth Day incentives we set out (again) to try to spur forward our goal of making our Giant Clam Project Site a marine reserve.  Alongside the Mamanuca Environmental Society (MES) representative Jerry and our Divemaster Vili, Will spent the afternoon at a traditional ceremony on Malolo Island in the audience of Ratu Seva,the Paramount Chief of the Region.  The Chief gave his blessing to continue marine park status for Tokoriki’s fringing reef, but to now include for 2011 our Giant Clam Site Project Site.    

This is awesome news for us, our clams and of course you!

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