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Monuriki Island Clean Up

Early last Saturday morning, Will, Will's mum Judy and Vili took 12 excited Yanuya children over to Monuriki 'Cast Away' Island for a clean up. After a thrilling boat ride in 450hp 'Black Jack', the kids spent an hour or so collecting rubbish and learning about the harm that rubbish causes to aquatic life.

The collection yielded 5 bags of rubbish as well as a large piece of burnt metal that rather ominously started out life as part of a yacht hull!

We were delighted with such a small collection. When we started our twice annual clean ups over 5 years ago, we collected over 40 bags and could have collected more! Since then, inspired by PADI Project AWARE's 'Dive Against Debris' campaign, we take a rubbish bag on every Monuriki 'Cast Away' Tour. Proof that every little bit counts and can make a difference.

After their hard work, the kids were treated to their favourite 'pops' drink (hence the bright red tongues in the photo), and then given a goodie bag of fun school stationery, brought over from the UK by Judy.

We hope that the children were suitably tired out when we handed them back to their Mothers waiting paitently for their return on Yanuya Island!


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