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Coral Planting at Giant Clam Project Site


We have continued to plant coral on our 'Giant Clam Project Site'. Interestingly the coral plugs we have planted on the rack have all taken. 

On our other coral planting site 'Tokoriki Wall' we have around a 50% success rate.  Although it is still very early days, we haven't as yet lost a single coral plug through stress and bleaching on our Giant Clam site.

The technique we use is the same, the depth we plant the coral the same...but there is one difference, our Giant Clam site gets far more current. 

Perhaps this is a factor that we can also contribute as a critical key element to future coral planting projects.

If the coral continues to settle nicely and continues to bind on to the plugs then we are thinking that on our Christmas Day dive for 2011 we'll be planting some of this coral out on to the reef.

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