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Dive Against Debris Weekend


Last weekend was our 'Dive Against Debris' weekend.  It didn't go quite as we planned due to a death in one of our staff's family.  We had intended to do a 'kid friendly' clean up of Monuriki Island, but have postponed this event until early November.

We did however schedule instead, a clean up of Monu Island.  Tokoriki uses this island for it's honeymoon picnics.  John and Dovi, two staff members, did an excellent job over two mornings, of collecting 11 bags of rubbish! 

Rubbish drifts ashore on the ocean currents and is not just an eye-sore but also can be harmful to aquatic and birdlife, who mistake bits of plastic for fish and squid.

As a result of Project AWARE's 'Dive Against Debris' campaign, we have made it a standard on all our Monuriki 'Cast Away' tours and Sacred Island tours to take a rubbish bag and fill it.  It only takes 10 minutes and our philosophy of 'little and often' is very easy to maintain and slot into the trip.  It has definitely made a difference of the cleanliness of these islands.

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