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Clean Up Day, Earth Day  - is this really enough to clean up our oceans?
We at Tondoba Bay clean up the beaches and our dive sites every day and every dive.
And the result: a clean beach or reef for a couple of hours. The next day it is looking the same again, plastic bottles, plastic bags and garbage everywhere.
Time for another clean up!
There must be another solution! Public Awareness.
Very common situation at our big clean up events:
After enthusiastic collecting garbage and cleaning a beach the locals are by bus on the way bag to town. Having a cold coke in the bus. What to do with the empty can? Throwing it out of the window!
Truck divers don`t want to use their cars to transport even one plastic back full of collected rubbish to bring it to the receycling plant or even the next garbage bin in town. "My car is not for garbage transportation." 
Diveguides are proud of their profession, but if you ask them to pick up some garbage laying around at the beach you get the asnwer: "No. It was not me who threw this away."
Don`t they know that they are heroes by picking up garbage? If everybody just pick up a single piece of rubbish a day, our world would be a better one!
There must be another solution! Public Awareness.
Instead of tourists cleaning after the Egyptians let`s launch a public awareness and school project.
Teach the kids and the grown ups the importance of coral reefs and our environment in general. Avoiding rubbish and hygiene are important subjects.
Hey kids, bring your parents to clean up!
Community involvement and Public awareness the only solutions to safe our planet.
Think global and act local! Let`s change the world!

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