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Total Diving is officially the first 101% AWARE Dive Center


We live on a blue planet and water is at the heart of life on this planet so in honor of World Water Day 2012, Total Diving proudly reveals that we have joined 1% for the Planet (, pledging a portion of our sales to support ocean protection through Project AWARE Foundation.

Members of 1% contribute one percent of revenues directly to any of the approved non-profit environmental organizations in 1%’s network.  Non-profits are chosen based on referrals, track record and environmental focus. Over 2,800 non-profits worldwide are included in the 1% program.
As the first dive center in the world to join 1%, we are breaking new ground for businesses whose survival and profitability depend on the wellbeing of the oceans. Donating part of our sales to support Project AWARE is not just about preserving scuba diving sites around the world, it’s a great fit and it’s a good feeling to know we are working together to ensure our underwater playground is protected for future generations.

Already participating in Project AWARE’s 100% AWARE program, we are now officially the first organization to be 101% AWARE!

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