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Our second Triple Whammy Clean-up took place on November 5th where all three Two Fish Divers resorts dived against debris simultaneously!  Between Bunaken, Lembeh and Nusa Lembongan we collected 246 kilos of marine debris!


The cleanup day for Nusa Lembongan started off overcast as its approaching rainy season but the day cleared up with beautiful sunshine and warm 28degree water.  We went to Buyuk the site of a previous cleanup op as there is a sort of 'harbour' there with moored boats.   As before we mostly pulled up material, clothes and cloth but also some fishing line and thin rope which presumably had been used for mooring until it snapped.  We had a few bottles too and again thankfully very little in the way of plastic bags.  Our most unusual  find was a bike tyre.  Here 6 people pulled up 30+kg in an hour.  We also saw 2 leaf scorpionfish!!! :O)


In Bunaken 12 people spent an hour cleaning marine debris from the surface from our resort, round to the nearby dive site Muka Kampung. We also had some snorkelers jump in collecting marine debris near the village pier.  This time there was lots more trash on the surface, (not underwater) so most of our efforts were put into snorkeling and collecting marine debris from the surface.  We collected 107kg of marine debris, which consisted of lots of clothing, diapers and food wrappers plus 28 pieces of plastic furnishing, 6 electirc cables (most with plugs still on end), 35 diapers, 27 pieces of plastic piping and 2 speakers (!!!).  The speakers were definitely our most unusual find from this clean-up!


In Lembeh we head out to Kareko Pasir dive site, in front of Kareko village on the Lembeh side of the Strait.  Previously we did a dive against debris here and got a huge amount of trash, so we thought that we’d go there again and it didn’t disappoint!  We got 109 kilos of marine debris in total including 784 plastic wrappers, 181 small beverage containers, 37 diapers, and 110 items of clothing!  We also had some very strange finds with a VCR player, a boat ignition panel, a backpack and several CDs!  We had 15 people in total assisting on the clean-up with 11 divers and 4 snorkelers / boat crew.

Thanks to everyone who helped out on the clean-up at all of our resorts, our data has been submitted to Project Aware – Our Dives Against Debris will make a difference!

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