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Manta research in Lembongan, Bali


13OCT: Around Lembongan we get lots of manta's at two dive sites, Manta Point and Manta Bay. Whenever we go there we always invite the team from Aquatic Alliance so that they can continue collating and analysing the data in reference to Lembongan's manta and mola mola population. So far they have been able to identify over 200 different manta individuals where, on anecdotal reports before, it was believed to be only around 30 or so.

Yesterday we went out with Peter, one of the 2 researchers based here on Lembongan, seen here giving a manta briefing to some of our guests. Although we never saw any specific individuals on this trip, a no show is also valuable information for them when putting together an overall pattern of whereabouts.

Find out more about manta research from Aquatic Alliance, as well as diving in Lembongan with us.

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