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Blog 3 - Getting Started



The next phase was to plan how we were to go about eliminating the urchins. We purchased broomsticks from the local hardware store with a plan of eliminating the urchins in one quick stabbing action putting all efforts into reducing their suffering.  We tested out the sticks and to our surprise they worked very well.

We then drew up a map of the Amarilla Reef and created zones. The plan was to start in zone A and work our way to zone I.  We knew then that it wouldn't be a case of just sweeping each area once, we would have to cover all areas multiple times to eliminate urchins all that we had missed or that were hidden down under rock and in places inaccessible to us on previous dives.

On the attached map you can see the fiction zones we have created including the 2 sections we used as the test and control areas.

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