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100% AWARE - Cast a pebble, create a ripple, cast a million, see a change


Recently, I decided to take an initiative and become a 100% Project AWARE supporter. I have always thought it would be difficult to promote being that we live in the desert and that most of the training I conduct is in fresh water lakes with the occasional trip to the ocean. I never actively promoted Project AWARE until I read about the 100% supporter program.

While reviewing information on enrolling in the PADI CDTC I came across the program and after talking about it with my Course Director, I looked into it a little more and decided that this was the program where I want to focus my efforts.

I have just recently teaching my classes as a 100% supporter. During orientation, I mention that I will make a contribution on behalf of the student to Project AWARE and that they will receive a special certification card. I then issue a challenge to all students to match or exceed my contribution to further the efforts of Project AWARE. Usually, once I show them the card they will receive that is enough, but when I tell them about the efforts that Project AWARE focuses on, I usually receive a match donation from them. I share with them the Issues and Projects that Project AWARE is committed too. I also have available for them the hand out "10 Tips for Divers to Protect the Ocean Planet" from and I link the "Our World, Our Water manual available at to them for a reference at how fragile our Ocean environment is.

Earlier this year, I worked on a special project called "One Night for One Drop",, and I had the honor of working with a slam poet named In-Q ( He created a segment for the show and to paraphrase what he said, ~Cast a pebble, create a ripple, cast a million, see a change.~

My contribution to Project AWARE is small, however as an Instructor, I can reach a much broader base and help become that change. I have an ability to effect a change with my student base and we can reach much more from our land locked state of Nevada. Acting locally, thinking globally.

Visit my website, to see our students in action. 

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