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Finely's visit to Naples Italy


Hi everybody, this is Finely reporting from the heart of Pozzuoli, which is located in Naples Italy. Me and my new friends from Vertigo Dive Worldwide wish you all a Merry Christmas. During my stay here in Pozzuoli, I have been able to talk to the Neapolitans about protecting the sharks, and what they can actually do to help protect them. Tomorrow evening I have been invited to a real Neapolitan Christmas Eve dinner, with a real Neapolitan family and their friends. Wow, I can't wait!! Tammy said I need to take a bath first as I have gotten a bit dirty during my travels. She said I need to " fare bella figura" whatever that means.
So while I get clean here in the Golfo di Pozzuoli, I might just go and check out the sunken city of baia....and maybe even take a look at Ninfeo. So don't forget to fare the bella figura for Christmas and make sure you spread the word about protecting the sharks! Until next time when I report back to you from Naples Italy. Love you all!! Big Finely hug for all of you!!

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