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Dive Against Debris 2016 in Hurghada

Dive Against Debris 2016

We all know the garbage disposal strategies in third world countries around the globe. Change is slowly on the way. Aside from public education on how to deal with garbage, a political change is necessary to provide the needed infrastructure for efficient garbage disposal. Project AWARE is working hard to achieve this global goal. Sound statistics are often the basis for such political discussions. You as a diver can help collecting data on the garbage impact in the oceans through Dive Against Debris!

On May 28th, we conducted a Dive Against Debris at the Redsea-Divers House Reef in Hurghada, Egypt. We collected almost 1 ton of debris. While sorting and filing the debris, it became apparent, that better (wind-safe) garbage bins could improve the local situation.

Thanks to the 21 divers and 11 surface support 7,2 hours of diving have produced 988 kg of debris in one afternoon. We had a lot of fun during our dive and while sorting. 

The Redsea-Divers staff provided a wonderful BBQ the perfect close to an eventful day.

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