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WSORC Snorkel Clean-up 13/05/2014

We've had a busy few weeks with the influx of whale sharks in Utila so our snorkel cleans had fallen by the wayside a little. However we brought it back today with a whopping 54 pounds (25 kilos) collected between just 6 of us! The primary litter was again the abundance of aluminium drinks cans (mainly beer cans!) and drinks bottles including a lot of Voss mineral water. We know everyone partied hard for semana santa but a little more care needs to be taken as to where this trash ends up...hopefully either in the bin or even better in the recycling!

The other half of our favourite item collected last time was found - the receiver from our old-school phone handset! Other interesting items included a cash register, calculator buttons, a toy car and toy gun.

Great work from everyone and thank you so much for taking part - as so well said in the Hawaii: Message in the Waves documentary, we are earning our privilege to be able to enjoy the ocean by doing our bit to preserve it.

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