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Ocean Wise iPhone App

Ocean Wise is the trusted symbol of ocean-friendly seafood in Canada. The new Ocean Wise app makes it easier than ever to make ocean-friendly seafood choices. It features a searchable, real-time updated seafood database. It also enables you to locate and make reservations at Ocean Wise participating restaurants, or locate Ocean Wise participating markets and seafood supply companies in your area using a GPS-enabled mapping feature. You can even upload photos of your favourite Ocean Wise restaurant, market or sustainable seafood dish!
Why do we all need to be Ocean Wise? The current rate and manner in which we are extracting seafood from the ocean is not sustainable. All of our Ocean Wise partners are committed to providing the most sustainable seafood options possible and to highlighting those options with the Ocean Wise symbol - making it easy to identify and support seafood that is harvested in an environmentally friendly manner.
With the Ocean Wise app it is not only possible to enjoy seafood that is good for you, but good for the oceans as well! 

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