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Dive Against Debris Data Submission

ADS43 - House Reef of Kontiki Mactan

27 November, 2016

Team Leader
Number of Participants
Total Debris Collected
24 lbs (measured)

10.282194, 123.999166999999

Survey Information

Location Name
ADS43 - House Reef of Kontiki Mactan
Organization/Dive Centre
Dive Funatics
Lapulapu City
27 November, 2016
Survey Duration
54 Minutes
GPS Coordinates
Latitude: 10.282194
Longitude: 123.999166999999
Weather Conditions
Typhoon with occasional thunderstorms
Survey Depth Range
1–12 meters
Area Surveyed
287.875 m2
Dominant Substrate
coral reef
Wave Conditions
Calm (glassy to rippled) for waves 0 – 0.1 meter high
plastic materials collected
Bags: Trash (plastic) 2
Beverage Bottles: Less Than 2 Litres (plastic) 16
Caps & Lids (plastic) 1
Cigar Tips 4
Cups, Plates, Forks, Knives, Spoons (plastic) 17
Diapers/nappies 2
Fishing: Line 17
Fishing: Lures, Rods/poles 1
Fishing: Nets & Pieces Of Nets 1
Foam Insulation & Packaging 1
Food Wrappers (plastic) 11
Pipes (plastic-PVC) 1
Tobacco Packaging & Wrappers 3
Plastic Fragments 24
Cigarette Filters 1
Rope (plastic/nylon) 6
glass materials collected
Beverage Bottles (glass) 4
metal materials collected
Beverage Cans (aluminium) 2
Cans: Food/juice, Other (tin) 9
Caps & Lids (metal) 3
Wrappers (foil/metal) 8
Metal Fragments 2
wood materials collected
Wood Fragments 5
cloth materials collected
Cloth Fragments 8
paper materials collected
Cardboard: Packaging & Cartons 2
Paper, Cardboard Fragments 5
mixed materials collected
Clothing 2
other materials collected
napkin 1
wet wipes 11
Entangled Animals
Species or Common Name red coral crab
Number Entangled 1
Status released unharmed
Type of Debris fishing net
Comments The small crab was inside the 6 lbs. fishing net.

The area is a living community of people relying on the ocean for livelihood. Among the debris collected was a 6 lbs. fishing net and multiple fishing lines. The area is also a host to many small boats servicing tourists. Some of the debris collected are likely the trash from the daily operations and even the maintenance of these boats.

We are not happy to report that we have collected a metal can paint with some residue epoxy coating paint still in it. In fact it stained the equipment (mostly the wetsuit) of one participant. We didn't notice it was still leaking residue paint. We have also collected wooden fragments from a paintbrush. We have also collected a very big fishing net.

Paint cans with residue - highly likely to be toxic to underwater life

Fishing net - hazard to marine life

wet wipes - tends to cover a the surface area of corals and affects the life of these corals

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