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Dive Against Debris Data Submission

Kadena North Steps

7 January, 2017

Team Leader
Kevin King
Number of Participants
Total Debris Collected
198 lbs (measured)

26.359636195870873, 127.7391967352014

Survey Information

Location Name
Kadena North Steps
Organization/Dive Centre
Dive the Blues Scuba / Oki Dive Zone
7 January, 2017
Survey Duration
48 Minutes
GPS Coordinates
Latitude: 26.359636195870873
Longitude: 127.7391967352014
Weather Conditions
Calm to slight seas, light to moderate onshore winds, light to moderate rain.
Survey Depth Range
3–53 feet
Area Surveyed
239233 ft2
Dominant Substrate
coral reef
Wave Conditions
Slight for waves 0.5 -1.25 meter high
plastic materials collected
Bags: Trash (plastic) 2
Balls 27
Baskets, Crates 1
Beverage Bottles: Less Than 2 Litres (plastic) 10
Buoys & Floats (plastic & Foamed) 1
Caps & Lids (plastic) 25
Cigarette Lighters 3
Containers: Fast Food, Lunch Boxes & Similar 3
Cups, Plates, Forks, Knives, Spoons (plastic) 9
Fishing: Line 7
Fishing: Lures, Rods/poles 14
Fishing: Nets & Pieces Of Nets 2
Food Wrappers (plastic) 54
Pipes (plastic-PVC) 7
SCUBA & Snorkel Gear-masks, Snorkels, Fins 1
Sheeting: Tarpaulin, Plastic Sheets, Palette Wrap 5
Straws, Stirrers 2
Plastic Fragments 75
Cigarette Filters 14
Strapping Bands (plastic) 8
Rope (plastic/nylon) 2
glass materials collected
Glass & Ceramic Fragments 7
Beverage Bottles (glass) 2
metal materials collected
Beverage Cans (aluminium) 109
Cans: Food/juice, Other (tin) 2
Caps & Lids (metal) 3
Cups & Plates-tableware/dishes (metal) 1
Pipes & Rebar 7
Pull Tabs-beverages 2
Strapping Bands (metal) 2
Wire, Wire Mesh & Barbed Wire 7
Metal Fragments 57
Fishing: Sinkers, Lures, Hooks 3
rubber materials collected
Inner-tubes & Rubber Sheets 3
Rubber Bands 6
Rubber Fragments 6
wood materials collected
Wood Fragments 1
cloth materials collected
Bags (burlap) 7
Bags (cloth) 5
Gloves (cloth) 2
Rope And String (cloth) 8
Cloth Fragments 2
paper materials collected
Cardboard: Packaging & Cartons 1
Paper, Cardboard Fragments 3
mixed materials collected
Clothing 5
Computer Equipment & Other Electronic Devices 5
Shoes-flip Flops, Sandals, Tennis, Etc 6
other materials collected
Credit Cards 7
Rubber Gaskets 11

New Years celebrations were a week prior. However, there is a river outlet to the ocean adjacent to this divesite, with drainage leading directly from unfiltered storm drains on-island, probably the source of most of this trash.

Cassette tap from the 1970s in relatively good shape.

Metal Cans - vending machines are located everywhere along the shore on Okinawa

Plastic Bottles - vending machines are located everywhere along the shore on Okinawa

Plastic Fragments

Consider adding "credit cards" under plastics and "gaskets" under rubber as categories. First time I tried "preview" my data was dumped/lost. Uploading photos is very problematic, at least in Internet Explorer.

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