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Dive Against Debris Data Submission

Sidi Yati Rocks

16 October, 2017

Team Leader
Christophe Bocéno
Number of Participants
Total Debris Collected
5.2 kgs (measured)

33.83119, 11.05858

Survey Information

Location Name
Sidi Yati Rocks
Organization/Dive Centre
Archimede Diving Center
16 October, 2017
Survey Duration
41 Minutes
GPS Coordinates
Latitude: 33.83119
Longitude: 11.05858
Weather Conditions
Good! Air:30°C and water:25°C
Survey Depth Range
6–8 meters
Area Surveyed
2500 m2
Dominant Substrate
Wave Conditions
Calm (glassy to rippled) for waves 0 – 0.1 meter high
plastic materials collected
Beverage Bottles: Less Than 2 Litres (plastic) 1
Fishing: Line 25
Fishing: Lures, Rods/poles 5
Fishing: Nets & Pieces Of Nets 9
Rope (plastic/nylon) 2
glass materials collected
Jars-food (glass) 1
Glass & Ceramic Fragments 3
metal materials collected
Batteries: AA, AAA, C & D, 6V, 9V, Etc. 3
Beverage Cans (aluminium) 4
Cans: Food/juice, Other (tin) 2
Fishing: Sinkers, Lures, Hooks 27
wood materials collected
Fishing: Traps & Pots 1
mixed materials collected
Bricks, Cinderblocks & Chunks Of Cement 2
Entangled Animals
Species or Common Name Callinectes sapidus (Daesh crabs)
Number Entangled 7
Status injured
Type of Debris Fishing: Nets & Pieces Of Nets

Fishing: Line

Fishing: Sinkers, Lures, Hooks

Fishing: Nets & Pieces Of Nets

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