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Dive Against Debris Data Submission

Belle Isle - North Fishing Pier

21 September, 2013

Team Leader
Michael Poggione
Number of Participants
Total Debris Collected
210 lbs (measured)

42.341997, -82.987374

Survey Information

Location Name
Belle Isle - North Fishing Pier
Organization/Dive Centre
Motor City Scuba
United States
21 September, 2013
Survey Duration
120 Minutes
GPS Coordinates
Latitude: 42.341997
Longitude: -82.987374
Weather Conditions
Survey Depth Range
4–15 feet
Area Surveyed
356408 ft2
Dominant Substrate
River shore
Wave Conditions
Calm (glassy to rippled) for waves 0 – 0.1 meter high
plastic materials collected
Bags-grocery/retail (plastic) 12
Bait Containers, Packaging 8
Balloons 5
Beverage Bottles: Less Than 2 Litres (plastic) 43
Bottles: Bleach/cleaner Bottles 5
Buoys & Floats (plastic & Foamed) 2
Caps & Lids (plastic) 17
Cigarette Lighters 1
Containers: Fast Food, Lunch Boxes & Similar 12
Cups, Plates, Forks, Knives, Spoons (plastic) 19
Fishing: Line 2
Fishing: Lures, Rods/poles 3
Fishing: Nets & Pieces Of Nets 2
Food Wrappers (plastic) 12
Furnishings (plastic) 3
Sheeting: Tarpaulin, Plastic Sheets, Palette Wrap 2
Tampon Applicators 1
Tobacco Packaging & Wrappers 2
Plastic Fragments 4
Cigarette Filters 6
Strapping Bands (plastic) 2
glass materials collected
Light Globes/bulbs/tubes 2
Beverage Bottles (glass) 42
metal materials collected
Appliances: Household 1
Beverage Cans (aluminium) 41
Cars & Car Parts 2
Strapping Bands (metal) 2
Fishing: Sinkers, Lures, Hooks 2
rubber materials collected
Tires/tyres 1
wood materials collected
Furnishings (wood) 2
Lumber (processed Or Cut/milled Wood) 2
cloth materials collected
Towels/rags 1
Cloth Fragments 2
paper materials collected
Bags (paper) 11
mixed materials collected
Bricks, Cinderblocks & Chunks Of Cement 6
Clothing 3
Tampons 1
Toys 5

Large Rubbermaid garbage can

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New Year Resolution
Make your dives count for a clean ocean. From #OneMillionLess to #NextMillion2020, your marine debris data matters. #EveryDiveaSurveyDive.

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