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Dive Against Debris Data Submission

Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan

22 April, 2014

Team Leader
Nicolas Fidele
Number of Participants
Total Debris Collected
37 kgs (measured)

10.295841, 124.014986

Survey Information

Location Name
Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan
Organization/Dive Centre
lapu lapu
22 April, 2014
Survey Duration
120 Minutes
GPS Coordinates
Latitude: 10.295841
Longitude: 124.014986
Weather Conditions
Survey Depth Range
30–12 meters
Area Surveyed
25 ft2
Dominant Substrate
Wave Conditions
Calm (glassy to rippled) for waves 0 – 0.1 meter high
plastic materials collected
Bags-grocery/retail (plastic) 34
Bags: Trash (plastic) 10
Beverage Bottles: 2 Litres Or More (plastic) 1
Beverage Bottles: Less Than 2 Litres (plastic) 29
Bottles: Bleach/cleaner Bottles 16
Bottles: Oil/lube 15
Containers: Fast Food, Lunch Boxes & Similar 24
Cups, Plates, Forks, Knives, Spoons (plastic) 9
Diapers/nappies 2
Pipes (plastic-PVC) 17
Plastic Fragments 9
Rope (plastic/nylon) 5
glass materials collected
Buoys (glass) 10
Cups & Plates-tableware/dishes (glass & Ceramic) 35
metal materials collected
Beverage Cans (aluminium) 30
Cans: Food/juice, Other (tin) 36
Cups & Plates-tableware/dishes (metal) 25
Gas Bottles/cylinder, Drums-more Than 4 Liters 25
Pipes & Rebar 12
Fishing: Traps & Pots 15
Fishing: Sinkers, Lures, Hooks 11
wood materials collected
Furnishings (wood) 15
Lumber (processed Or Cut/milled Wood) 5
Wood Fragments 10
Fishing: Traps & Pots 11
cloth materials collected
Bags (burlap) 3
Bags (cloth) 3
Gloves (cloth) 3
Rope And String (cloth) 5
Towels/rags 2
Cloth Fragments 3
paper materials collected
Bags (paper) 9
Cardboard: Packaging & Cartons 8
Paper-books, Newspaper & Magazines, Etc. 5
Paper, Cardboard Fragments 10
mixed materials collected
Clothing 15
Shoes-flip Flops, Sandals, Tennis, Etc 10
Tampons 5
other materials collected
fishing net 8
fishing line 36
bags/shoes cloth/wrappers 34
bags/plastic 10
bottles 61
fork/cups/spoon 24
rope/string 5
PVC pipe 17
furnishing 15
cloth 11
cans 36
plastic snacks 9
diapers 5
sand rape 2

plastic bags

bottles/gas bottles

fishing net

It should be great if during the event to have one representative from Project aware

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