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Dive Against Debris Data Submission

Japanese Channel

18 August, 2012

Team Leader
Daniel B. Robinson MI-635791
Number of Participants
Total Debris Collected
20 kgs (estimated)

10.119081, 99.815587

Survey Information

Location Name
Japanese Channel
Organization/Dive Centre
Asia Divers - EBO S-16907
Koh Tao
18 August, 2012
Survey Duration
60 Minutes
GPS Coordinates
Latitude: 10.119081
Longitude: 99.815587
Weather Conditions
Mostly hot and sunny with a few showers
Survey Depth Range
5–18 meters
Area Surveyed
2500 m2
Dominant Substrate
coral reef
Wave Conditions
Calm (glassy to rippled) for waves 0 – 0.1 meter high
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