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Ahmed Bahgat

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Ahmed Bahgat
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My name is Ahmed Bahgat. I am a Canadian Egyptian living in Burnaby, British Columbia. I am a passionate scuba diver. Most of my dives have taken place in the Red Sea. One of the best diving days I ever had was when our boat encountered  6 whale sharks during the summer of 2004 in Hurgahada, Egypt. We were on the way to the SS Thistlegorm wreck when they suddenly appeared on the surface. They approached the boat curiously as we all jumped into the water. An unforgettable day indeed! These majestic creatures are so graceful and peaceful. They truly are the Big Friendly Giants of the sea. :)

I am extremely passionate about ocean conservation, sea turtle preservation, and banning the practice of shark finning. My background is in political science and international trade. I hope to combine this with my love of the ocean in order to pursue a meaninful career that can have a positive impact on the environment. 

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