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Aimee Lynch

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Aimee Lynch
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I have always had a passion for water, any water, but there is nothing like the ocean.

My husband and I learned to dive in a pool here in Iowa during the summer of 2010.  Our first attempt at ocean diving was a bad experience in Jamaica due to being sick just before the trip, we just couldn't get better fast enough to be able to clear our ears and had to give up.  In Feb. 2012 we spent time in Cozumel, Mexico on a mission trip with Friends of Cozumel and did some fantastic diving there thanks to good and patient friends. 

Currently we are living in Iowa with our three daughters, planning to move to the ocean in about 3 years, hopefully Riviera Maya area of Mexico if everything works out.  This summer's goals are to teach the oldest (15) to scuba and our two younger ones (3 and 5) to snorkel in anticipation of next February's return to Cozumel for another mission trip/vacation.

I don't believe in waiting until the time is right; until the kids are grown, until it's time to retire.  I want to do it now, and make sure I don't miss my chance.  Why wait?

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