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Joe Letts

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Joe Letts
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Began diving in 1964 at Georgetown, Ontario quarry with a steel 72cf tank, a Aqualung Royal AquaMaster double hose regulator, a smooth both sides neoprene wetsuit held together with yellow glued neoprene strips - no stitching (thank God for Talcum Powder), no BC, no SPG (did the calculatons before the dive for BT), and a bourdon tube depth gauge.  Became the youngest member of the Peel Diving Club of Streetsville, Ontario.  Was certified as an Ontario Underwater Council Diving Instructor at the age of 17 (1969).  To my knowledge only one other person around that time was certified so young.  This was before everyone worried about getting sued.  If you qualified, you taught.  My first Canadian Instructor Certification Program number (ICP) was 337.  When the Canadian Provincial councils merged around 1971 or '72 my new number issued by the Association of Canadian Underwater Councils was 129EA.  The "EA" designating the Province of Ontario.  I went on to reach Master Instructor level with ACUC.  ACUC today is known as the American and Canadian Underwater Certification.  Joining the Canadian Navy in 1971 I was a Sonarman and Ship's Diver onboard HMCS Skeena and St. Laurent.  I have diving experience in many locales.  In the early '80s I started my own PADI Five Star Training Facility - Lett's Dive!!  My PADI Master Instructor number is 201105 and I am certifed to teach 11 separate specialties.  Today, I have well over 3000 hours underwater and have personally certified over 500 divers between the two agencies.  At age 59 (11.22.11) I am still actively diving and instructing.  Christopher, my son dives.  My wife and Step daughter are now my newest students.  The sport has given me so much over the years, I will continue to give back until I no longer can.  I am proud to be part of Project Aware!  - Joe Letts

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