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Andrew Hillier

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Andrew Hillier
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I've considered myself a scuba diver my whole life. When i was 8 years old my Dad took me in the swimming pool and let me tag along side him using his spare regulator. Since then my heart and my head have been underwater. I was born in !987, but was only officially certified last year, despite the numerous private/lake and resort dives i've been on, this has been a goal of mine my whole life. 

Now certified with the intention of reaching Master Diver certification, i plan on taking my skills and passion beyond the recreational aspect of diving, and hope to become a contributing member to the underwater conservation movement. 

I believe the ocean is an undiscovered and highly ignored frontier. While our species reaches out to the stars for answers, i find them right beneath my feet - and with the right attitude and motivation i feel that divers can be todays cowboys, forgetting about the stars, and boldly going where most men are simply too frightened to go themselves.

The silence underwater speaks louder to me than any music or literature ever can, and that is why i wish to protect my sactuary.