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Josh Wright

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Josh Wright
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Former member in the US Army, proudly serving as a Cavalry Scout for 11 great years. Met some of the greatest people you could find anywhere and inherited many brothers. Being a member of a 5 man team 200 miles behind enemy lines was one of the greatest thrills in my life. When I say one of the greatest thrills because nothing really compares to that first breath you take underwater. If you have never achieved one or both of these great and honorable acts, you need to do so. "IF YOU AIN'T CAV, YOU AIN'T SHIT"

Founder of PREDATORY GAMING, an up and coming competitive team competing on the MLG/GAMEBATTLES circuit specializing in Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Halo. Check us out at and put in an application to join. We are all about fun, but enjoy whipping everything in our path.

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