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Linnea Munch

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Linnea Munch
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A new diver from the beautiful state of Arkansas, its been both a serenity and a fear for me and my relationship with water. Due to a realization of adulthood and a lack of money for my next college semester I decided to take off from school and become better acquainted with my intrigue in the depths, and to learn more about it every day. I would love to be involved with anything water, conservation, naturalism, search and recovery etc. This opportunity has given me goals beyond imagining. If my plans go right, after school I would love to enlist in the Navy for technology and Navy diving, something I never planned, but received as a bonus from trying new things. I LOVE WATER!


Aside from diving, my active interests are: longboarding, snowboarding, guitar, piano, comics, film, anything involved with the hardware/software of computers, aikido, video games, biology, languages, and anything involving animals and the natural world.