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Big Blue Diving

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BIG BLUE Diving is Shanghai's Premiere Dive Facility providing Diving training, Adventure tours, Retail dive Equipment and team-building services. Every Big Blue Instructor is fully accredited with either PADI and NAUI trained in Both Primary (CPR) and Secondary Care (First Aid) and members of China Underwater Association (CUA) we Promote Standard Safe Diving Practices, Environmental Awareness and Divers Alert Network (DAN).

Safety, Education and Fun is our goal with the foundation of our business built on Passion, Customer Service and Hard work. We are working hard to promote and publicize recreational Scuba Diving in China and help to cultivate this new and under-developed industry with our Experience and commitment to our goals. We offer private courses on request and also Courses in Homes/Offices and Schools for Groups. Big Blue promotes dive locations through travel and events to divers who want to experience dive sites around the world! We handle logistics and communication on request. There is nothing more fun than exploring the underwater world with everyone speaking the same language - SCUBA.

Big Blue has trained more than one thousand students in mainland China sharing our Passion, eye for Safety and Quality Education that will only improve. Big Blue has over 3000 members from all over the world, we offer up to date information via our newsletters and website. We have three language editions for BIG BLUE website, Chinese, Japanese and English. BIG BLUE distributes 2 email newsletters a month which covers updates, travel and courses with new members added daily.

悠蓝国际潜水俱乐部是上海首选的提供潜水培训、潜水器材销售、潜水旅游以及企业拓展培训的潜水机构和服务性公司。每一位悠蓝潜水的 PADI 或 NAUI 教练都是完全值得信赖的,除了具备作为教练的基本要求之外,他们还经过了各种严格的急救训练,并且每一位教练都是中国潜水协会的会员。悠蓝潜水在提供各种 潜水相关服务的同时,还积极从事潜水安全标准、环境保护以及潜水保险(DAN - 潜水者警报网络)的推广。

我们将事业建立在热情、客户服务以及努力工作之上,将安全、教育及趣味作为我们努力的目标。我们在中国积极地推广和推动潜水这项休闲体育运动并 希望与更多的人分享其中的乐趣。我们不仅为学员提供各种定期课程,同时也为不同的家庭、企业以及学校等团体提供各类培训。悠蓝潜水经常为潜水爱好者们组织 安排全球各地及本地的潜水活动,使他们在获得更多潜水经验的同时共同分享潜水的乐趣,因为我们觉得没有比让所有的人在探索水底世界时使用同一种语言更有意 思的事情了,而这种语言就是“潜水”。

在中国,悠蓝潜水已为近千位学员提供了各个级别以安全为首的高质量潜水培训课程;在全球各地,悠蓝潜水拥有 3000 多位会员,中文、英语、日语三种语言版本的网站以及每月两次不定期发送的含有潜水培训信息、潜水旅游信息和其它各种潜水相关信息的“悠蓝潜水咨讯”每天吸 引着更多潜水爱好者的加入我们的行列。

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