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Sophie Montgomery

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Blue Planet Aquarium, situated near Ellesmere Port in the North West of England, houses Europes largest collection of Sharks and features one hundred exhibits with thousands of species.

Here at Britain's best Aquarium we have one of the largest main tanks in Europe holding 3.6 million litres of sewater and housing the vast majority of the sharks on display.

Our current species on exhibit include Sand Tiger Sharks, Nurse sharks, Guitarfish, Bamboo sharks, Southern Stingrays, Moray Eels, Lemon shark's, and everyones favourite, Dotty the Zebrashark.

Blue Planet Aqaurium employs a dedicated team of Shark Divers whose role is to help maintain the animals in our welfare, and also take members of the public, certified or uncertified, into meet our sharks. It's my job as the Dive Officer to keep the team and our public excited, safe and talking about sharks for years to come. 

Blue Planet Aquarium offers a range of PADI dive courses for all needs including the PADI BPA Distinctive Shark Awareness Speciality course to educate, engage and excite certified divers, with a guaranteed big shark encounter at the end of it.

Blue Planet Aquarium also has trained Disabled Dive Instrctors on site so all are welcome to join us in the water with our sharks.

Blue Planet Aquarium conducts Marine educational days, back stage tours and school educational courses for younger visitors to learn more about the threats to the marine environment and what they can do as consumers to make informed decisions for the future.

The dive team at Blue Planet Aquarium are always keen to hear from you if you have research projects you would be interested in carrying out to study any of our species on display.

Kid Regards,

Sophie Montgomery.

Dive Officer.