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Erin Britton

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Swam for first time in the ocean in January 11, 2013 and since then, have been hooked on underwater marine life and ecology. I saw my first shark on January 31, 2013 - it was a bull shark. 3m in length, and 15m away from us, swimming back and forth checking us out as we were doing our PPB class for AOW. I was in instant awe and admiration. I always have had a thing for sharks but this really brought it to attention and reality. When I was under water, and found any garbage, I would pick it up and put it in my pocket to divest of it at a later time. Some sites are shocking to see how much debris is collected. I have helped with beach cleans and currently speak to friends and family about what it is like in the ocean and what our responsibilities are for making sure we keep it clean and how overfishing contributes to the decline of species.
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