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Ashley Barnes

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My name is Ashley. I am persuing a bachelors degree in Biology with a minor in Spanish. If I am not cramming for a test or memorizing latin (genus, species) terminology you can find me on the coast or under the sea. I love the ocean ( saltwater fishing to diving to merely being a beach bum)! In my freetime I am invovled with church ministry and hispanic outreach.

Now enough about me... I recieved my open water certification two and half years ago. I had no intentions two years ago that diving would be such a passion. After my first dive I was hooked. I will soon be completing fifty dives. I love it!

As a future biologist, diving can be interwoven strongly into my career. I have several conservational passions (coral reefs, sea turtles, saltwater marine sanctuaries). My deepest passion in sharks of all kinds. I percieve them as merely gentle giants. My desire is to use being a diver/biologist to educate and promote sharks to people who may have been misinformed or do not know the truth behind sharks.  I hope to blog more as I have time about projects I have done in the past relating to sharks.