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Scott Buckley

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Scott Buckley
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I’m an avid diver who has a sense of responsibility when it comes to protecting the Ocean environment.

Recently have become more and more aware of how stupid our race can be when it comes to using our resources in a sustainable way.


Protecting the Ocean environment starts in the cities of Taiwan and other countries around the world…  Much of the waste that ends up in the ocean comes from the cities and towns along the canals and water ways of the countries.   In Taiwan most areas in the cities do not have waste bins for city dwellers to place trash.  I’ve seen on more than one occasion people throw trash directly out car windows or on the green way ground…


Hopefully we can raise awareness of the people and government that Taiwan has a valuable resource in the waters around the island. 

Taiwan has diving that is as beautiful if not more beautiful than other areas in Asia…or even the world for that matter…

The diving tourist industry of Taiwan is still fairly young....

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