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beth winkler

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beth winkler
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I have recently (4 years ago) got back into diving.  I am working on adding more master courses to my experience and belong to the Gateway Hammerheads, a group of divers who share a common interest and share their travel and underwater experiences.  We've had some great speakers at our meetings including Marty Snyderman, Richie Kohler, Gary Addison, Doc Gruber, Christine Dennison, the Halls, Loggerhead Marine Center and others.  We skype in our presenters at monthly meetings and have learned so much!  You can check them out on Facebook or . I only do saltwater, if I have to drag all that gear, I want to see some great reefs!  I also teach a class to school age children called SOS-Save Our Sharks which teaches about shark conservation and their importance to our oceans' survival and the perils sharks face.  I work to teach about shark safety (we really aren't on their menu!) as well as changing the shark's image.  The kids love it, even here in the Midwest, their is a great interest in sharks!