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Cammille Stevens

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Cammille Stevens
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Intellectual property protection and privacy is a free right for all. But this can only be effective for those who are holding a patent name for certain work or idea that they have uniquely made or created, and a patent protection can only be acquired through a formal patent application. Filing for a patent application is a complicated process and it takes a long period of time before a patent is granted to a business or inventor. For an effective patent process, most people perform essential searches from Online patents through online search tools and applications. With this, they can easily access information pertaining to previous patents, prior arts, patent mentions to publications and other important searches that can be helpful for a successful patent grant. Patexia's ip network community offers this type of visualization results to provide information to various researchers. It also provides information on the latest industry trends and current intellectual property news that primarily discuss about business and industry innovations.

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