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Steve Willis

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Steve Willis
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First dive was in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Tripoli, Libya in 1961.  I was 9.  The twin tanks were converted CO2 fire extinguishers, the regulator was a US Navy double hose, no tables, no watch, no depth gauge, no pressure gauge, no BC and no weights (skinny kids don't need weights).

Earned by PADI Divemaster certification in 1976, PADI OWSI in 1991, PADI Master Instructor in 1996.  I worked part time at the Arlington Scuba Center in Arlington, Texas from 1984 until 2000.  In 2000 I retired from my real job and became a Professional Scuba Bum, working as a Scuba Instructor, USCG Captain and finally Program Director at the Florida Sea Base in the Florida Keys.  The Florida Sea Base is a co-ed facility owned by the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

I live on a 41' sailboat.  I have sailed from Texas to Mexico to the Cayman Islands and from Florida to the Bahamas.

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