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Carlos Guimaraes

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My current level: PADI IDC Staff Instructor (17 specialties/courses), Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer (Primary & Secondary Care and Care for Children), IANTD Instructor (8 specialties/courses), DAN Instructor (8 specialties/courses) and HSA – Handicapped Scuba Association Instructor.

My goal: To work full time for a dive operation (center, shop, resort, live aboard), teaching courses, guiding tours, helping out as much as I can, according to my training and experience, and also offering my background as an extra difference for versatility.

My experience: I performed all Divemaster duties during my activities as operational staff, created educational lesson guides, organized tours, briefed, guided certified divers, and assisted instructors teaching different level courses and worked as coordinator for clean-up activities and legalized.

My training: I have several specialties as diver, including certification as a technical diver and gas blender.

My Continuing Education: I’m decided to advance in my diving career, being my next step to get the Master Instructor and Course Director levels, as well as the Instructor trainer level at DAN’s organization.

My expectations: To find a professional group of people to work with, to have fun doing what I love to do, to learn more about marine life, and to be rewarded with the satisfaction of sharing and teaching a passionate activity. I’m willing to work hard, to contribute with my sense of humor and creativity, and to have the experience to be a better professional.


Continuing education:

  • PADI Certifications                                          Certification Date
  • Open Water                                                   24 Nov 1997
  • Medic First Aid                                                13 Apr 1998
  • Advanced Open Water                                 06 Jul 1998
  • Enriched Air Diver                                           08 Aug 1998
  • Underwater Photographer                             06 Sep 1998
  • Rescue                                                            14 Mar 1999
  • Equipment Specialist                                     20 Jul 2000
  • Medic First Aid                                                26 Sep 2000
  • Wreck                                                            16 Dec 2001
  • Underwater Naturalist                                     24 Aug 2002
  • Master Scuba Diver                                        11 Sep 2002
  • Altitude                                                           14 Dec 2002
  • Deep                                                              13 Mar 2004
  • Tec Diver Level One                                        08 May 2004
  • Cavern                                                           26 Jun 2004
  • Tec Rec Deep                                                 14 Feb 2005
  • Tec Rec Gas Blender                                       20 Jun 2005
  • IANTD Certifications
  • Intro to Cave Diver
  • Technical Diver
  • Normoxic Trimix Diver
  • TDI Certifications
  • Advanced Gas Blender
  • Advanced Trimix Diver



PADI Instructor#179585:

  • Rating                                                            Certification Date
  • Open Water Scuba Instructor             08-Apr-2002
  • Master Scuba Diver Trainer                            02-May-2003
  • IDC Staff                                                        20-Mar-2005
  • EFR (Primary & Secondary Care)                   31-May-2003
  • EFR (CPR/EAD)                                               same
  • EFR (Care for Children)                                  12-jan-2005
  • Certified Specialties
    • Peak Performance Buoyancy            17-abr-2002
    • Project Aware                                    17-abr-2002
    • AWARE Coral Reef Conservation      17-abr-2002
    • Altitude                                              02-mai-2003
    • Enriched Air Diver                              02-mai-2003
    • Equipment Specialist                          02-mai-2003
    • Underwater Naturalist                        02-mai-2003
    • Search & Recovery                            02-mai-2003
    • Wreck                                                 02-mai-2003
    • Underwater Photographer                 04-mar-2004
    • Deep                                                  17-jan-2005
    • Underwater Navigator                       17-jan-2005
    • Fish Identification                               13-ago-2005
    • Multilevel Diver                                  13-ago-2005
    • Night Diver                                         13-ago-2005
    • Digital Underwater Photographer      13-mar-2006
    • Cavern                                              01-mai-2006


EFR Instructor Trainer#179585 (from PADI website):

  • Primary & Secondary Care
  • Care for Children


IANTD Instructor#5178 (from IANTD website):

  • Open Water Freediving Instructor
  • Snorkeling Instructor
  • Open Water Instructor
  • Rescue Diver Instructor
  • Wreck Instructor
  • EANx Instructor
  • Advanced EANx Instructor
  • Advanced Recreational Trimix Instructor
  • Cavern Instructor
  • Introductory Cave Instructor


DAN Instructor#11670 (from DAN website):

  • Oxygen First Aid for Scuba Diving Injuries
  • First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life Injuries
  • Automated External Defibrillators for Scuba Diving
  • Automated External Defibrillators for Aquatic Emergencies
  • Diving Emergency Management Provider Program
  • On-Site Neurological Assessment for Divers
  • Remote Emergency Medical Oxygen
  • Oxygen First Aid for Aquatic Emergencies



HSA Instructor Level ratings acquired are (from HSA website):

  • Instructor#2744


SDI Instructor#12908 (from HSA website):

  • Open Water Scuba Instructor            
  • Certified Specialties
    • Altitude Diver                        
    • Deep Diver                            
    • Search & Recovery Diver      
    • U/W Navigation Diver                       
    • Wreck Diver                           


TDI Instructor#12908 (from HSA website):

  • Advanced EANx Diver
  • Decompression Procedures
  • Extended Range



Mechanical Engineer, Escola Federal de Engenharia de Itajubá – Brazil – 1990

M.B.A. (Executive degree) – Project Management – Fundação Dom Cabral – Brazil - 2001



Bilingual in Portuguese and English; advanced understanding of Spanish.

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