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Charlotte Faulkner

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Charlotte Faulkner
St Lucia, Saint Lucia
13.86558, -61.077114 View on map
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My name is Charlotte Faulkner and I am a  PADI Master Instructor and avid ocean conservationist. I believe our greatest chance of furture conservation lies in education, and that is why I persued a career as a diver. I have worked for many years at Stuart Coves Dive Bahamas, and also in the BVI's as well as St Lucia. I stayed in the Carribean for a number of years because of the abundant shark populations that are found around this location. I fell in love with sharks and Carribean ecosystems while teaching people how to dive there. This, together with a Masters in Animal Conservation makes my job very rewarding when I can change someones mind on the plight of the ocean, either by convincing them sharks are not evil mindless creatures, or to convince them to ditch the use of plastic bottles in their day to day lives. 

Diving up to 5 times a day, 5 days a week i can influence a lot of divers to change their behavior to adopt more environmental practices.

I enjoy organising "Dive against debris’ events. They are popular here- we have conducted 4-5 so far and want to get people more involved in that. The obvious passion for me is shark conservation and I have worked behind the scenes and appeared on many television and radio shows talking about shark issues and conservation including Discover Channels- Shark Week. Promoting awareness of sharks through interaction is a passion of mine. We must change people’s perception of the environment so the future generation has a passion for it. I welcome the ever frequebnt question from a new diver or snorkeler at my shop... "Arnt there sharks in there???"...

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