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The Clipperton Project

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The Clipperton Project
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The Clipperton Project (TCP) is an international initiative that uses the notions of journeying, exploration, discovery and multi-disciplinary endeavour to empower people and communities in various countries to become active in their own space and lives.

Founded in 2011, TCP is run by a small group of individuals, with an international network that reaches over 20 countries. Based in Glasgow, TCP is working in Scotland, Mexico and Australia between July 2012 and September 2013. However, whilst our engagement activities in each country form our main programme, TCP also organises online campaigns and develops online creative learning resources. 

At the centrepiece of TCP are expeditions to some of the world's most isolated territories, involving artists, scientists and everything in between. These journeys are then used as the starting point for community action, campaigns, educational programmes, international talks and presentations, always with the following beliefs at heart:

(i)             that together we are stronger than apart, and that

(ii)            there is more that unites us than separates us.

Resulting from our first expedition to Clipperton Island in March 2012, our events and campaigns currently focus on plastic pollution and empowerment activities that inspire people to become environmental stewards. TCP events often involve collaboration or participation of artists and scientist, by which TCP aims to demonstrate the ways in which we are stronger together, and can achieve more when we remove barriers and concentrate on ideas and potential. 

When humans look towards something beyond themselves, tremendous things are possible. The Clipperton Project believes that our future is out there, beyond what we currently know, and that together we are capable of reaching incredible new places.

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