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Danielle C.

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Danielle C.
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Hello, my name is Danielle. I am 16 and currently live in the okanagan valley. All my life i have been interested in Music (compositing, recording and RCM examinations), marine sciences, as well as the conservation of it and it's contents. *During the summer, i like to dedicate my time to cleaning out garbage, and valuables that accumulate on the sandy bottoms of Lake Okanagan & Skaha Lake. During last summer's dives (snorkelling for hours...) i could easily come out of the water with a few bags of garbage, also, i constantly had to return to the beach to empty out my diving bag/pouch due to all the valuables, seashells, and extra garbage that i found. I am a conservation-freak, and am always happy to be able to see and participate to create a healthy and clean environment for us, and the creatures that live in and around the area.

Thank you :)

~Danielle xo

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