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Danielle Findlater

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Danielle Findlater
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I'm Danielle, 27yrs old. Originally from London, England.

I've always had a love for the ocean & it's sealife since watching " The Little Mermaid" over & over at a young age.

Snorkelling in the Florida Keys, Thailand + Australia.

Swimming with Nurse Sharks + Stingrays in Belize. 

Cage diving with Great White Sharks in South Africa.

Surfing amongst dolphins in Byron & Stingrays in Phillip Island. 

All of these amazing experiences have made my love + curiosity of the ocean grow! 

I'm a good swimmer but am yet to do my divers course but I want to start getting involved with helping to save the environment starting with the ocean. 

I had a look at all the different actions taken by members of project aware + would like to get involved + help raise money + awareness.

Would appreciate any advice on events happening, not just in Sydney but worldwide too.

Excited to get started + help make a difference

Where ever it is I feel the ocean is my home + where I'm meant to be.

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