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Gogo Divebali
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With over 20 diving sites around our Beautiful Bali whether a trained diver or just beginning, there is a new experience waiting for you around our BALI BEAUTIFUL BALI shore line, from underwater Coral reefs a multitude of Fish and Crabs- Snails etc. and a wreck to explore, with the aid of our trained instructor guides, let us show you Bali’s best kept diving secrets, whether a qualified diver or just starting we have a dive to challenge you in Bali Beautiful Bali, so let us start.


THE REEF: The gilimanuk bay is where the ferry to and from java lands, and narrow Bali’s Strait. This bay is about two kilometers across and very shallow, most of it less than five to ten meters deep and creates a channel that sweeps in and hooks around two islands in the bay center. The dive site called 'Secret Bay', and you might call 'Muck Diving'. This site offered a number of rare jewels for ... Read More

Menjangan Island

THE REEF: Menjangan is one of the most protected dive site in Bali, and it is part of the West Bali National Park, a 19,000-hectare tract that covers the coastal area from Banyuwedang Bay around the Prapat Agung Peninsula to Gilimanuk, as well as Prapat Agung itself and a broad swath of the West Bali highlands. Menjangan offers clear, calm water, a mysterious old wooden shipwreck, and rugged, gorg... Read More

Puri Jati

THE REEF: One of the underestimated dive sites in Bali, is Puri Jati at the North-West side of the island. This dive site has a bottom of black vulcanic sand and is the home of many amazing marine creatures. For the patient underwater photographer this is a great place to find some odd underwater animals during a "Muck Dive". For many divers this would be a boring place to dive, but for people who... Read More


THE REEF: Tulamben is known, and probably best loved, diving area in Bali, its cobbled beach and black-sand bottom have become familiar to the international diving community. It is the kind of place divers visit for a week or more, exploring the wreck, inshore reef, drop-off, and slope, and just around the corner from Tulamben Bay, \'Batu Kelebit\' this beautiful site consists of steep, ... Read More


THE REEF: This reef, discovered as a dive site in 1984, is in a quiet bay just a few kilometers east of Tulamben about 25 minutes drive a car. This reef flat and big bommies here,many of the bommies are still richly covered with gorgonians, and deep slope is rich and very Interesting, and the reef edge becomes a nice wall. DIVE ACCESS: 2.5 hours by car and 5 min to 10 min by boat diving... Read More

Gili Tepekong and Mimpang

THE REEF: The fringing reef surrounding Tepekong, Mimpang, and Biaha have the most untropical appearance of any in Bali, Fierce currens keep the coral and gorgonians growth generally low and coarse, and the chilly water and stark rock structures are starlingly at odds with the warm, quite lushness one expects in the tropics, whether above water or below. These are very healthy reef, with an except...Read More

Blue Lagoon Padang Bay

AMUK BAY with the villages Padangbai and Candidas to the North and south side of Bali’s eastern point, and just north is BLUE LAGOON  a treasure trove of marine, two Islands Tepekong and Mimpang just outside the bay, Or Biaha a little to the North, all offer some of the most breath taking diving experiences in BALI, but treat them with care and respect. Drive/Boat Current: zero to mediumWater... Read More

Big Rock Nusa Dua

This beautiful barrier reef is extremely accessible to visitors due to its nearby location and shallow depths. The warm, tranquil waters play host to an abundance of plant and marine life. With its close proximity to the mainland we can complete two dives in half a day. This site is perfect for all divers and snorkelers with depths ranging from 2-16 meters (6-50 feet) and visibility around 10-25 m... Read More


Still retains a Balinese atmosphere, whether on land and sea, come and see the marine life up close in their habitat, be amazed by the Coral and the great variety you will see, and yet SANUR is so close to every-where an Ideal base camp! Many hotels to all standards and cost, with easy access beach’s, great little restaurants, and many small markets, on the front, great for cycling or pushing a pr... Read More

Manta Point

Another experience you will never forget, up close to the DANCING MANTA who will be as curious about you, as you are to them, April till June is the best time for these, then the underwater terrain will leave you breathless, with spectacular under water terrain, hard coral as far as you can see, and all this with MANTARAY’s-GAINT TRAVELLY-and smaller fish too numerous to name them all, in this to ... Read More

Nusa Penida

A small Island of the South coast of Bali, with dive sites for every standard of diver, to satisfy them fully, we are sure. The dive usually starts in the BAT CAVE, and it is difficult to describe the marine life with justice and not repeating the same words,  but the fast drift dive will we are sure be exhilarating to any grade of diver, and the fish life has to be seen by you, as we are sur... Read More

Malibu Point

Malibu point is on the far south-east of Nusa Penida, near the village of Suana is the nearest place to it on the map, and as far as you can dive from Bali Island.The reef falls sharply and is very steep, full of Table corals, and Big Bommies, down to around 20 meters, when it is not raining the visibility is about 20 meters but falls sharply if it is. You will see huge schools of Rainbow Runners ... Read More

Batu Aba

One hour by motor boat from Sanur and is one of three Islands with sloping sides to a flat bottom  white sandy floor, with crystal clear cold water, a photographers delight,, with great diving from 5m. to 40m, depths, ample marine life and vegetation, and a place for every grade of diver to enjoy to the full.Drive/20 minutes from Kuta about thirty from Sanur boat/ 1 hourCurrent:  ideal f... Read More

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