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Russell Krogh

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Russell Krogh
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  • As a PADI Professional in South Korea I have participated in and promoted Project Aware activities and events at every opportunity.  As I have presented the underwater environment to the divers that I have trained, I have taken great care to make sure that they are aware of the dangers they can come across and the dangers they can pose to the ocean environment.
  • As I have progressed though the PADI system, I have seen both the best and the worst habits of the diving community. This has led me to take a pro-active approach to environmental diver education. I believe that if I can teach a person the correct habits and attitudes at the beginning of their diving adventure, they will carry these lessons into the future and by osmosis influence other divers with whom they come into contact.
  • The primary motivation for my conservation activities is that I wish for my grandson(s) to have the same access to ocean life in the future that I have been privileged enough to have experienced. It is my wish to see they view the oceanic environment as a wondrous resource that they have to look after and nurture instead of one that they can exploit, either directly or passively.
  • I truly believe that we are dependent on the ocean for our existence on this planet. The ecosystem in which we thrive is the sum of its parts both seen and unseen. We do not have the capability to forecast the results of our activities or the cost of our ignorance. We can’t do much about the first; we can however make a start to remedy the second.
  • I support Project Aware for my family and my family of divers. It really is that simple.
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