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Patcira McCracken

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Patcira McCracken
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I was born on Phuket Islaland, Thailand. Then rised sailing on my familie's boat Ocean Fever and in the small town of Titusville. I am an American but I am still intouch deeply with my Thai culture. 

Started to dive when I was nine. I'm eighteen now and a PADI Dive Instructor and soon a Master SCUBA Diver Trainer. Diving is such a distictive experience. Ironicly with any acpects in exploration, adventure, and wonder. I wanted to become a dinving profesional so I could show people this world and experience. Yet I still do it selfishly, because I really can't get enought of the ocean. 

Traveling on a sail boat doesen't help this "ocean fever" ( Oh! I do love irony). From on port to the next, the beach, open water, to underwater I have salt in my veins. 

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