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ED Gamboa

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ED Gamboa
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Integral Philosopher and son of Neptune-

My love for the water is one of the first memories that I can remember. Upon my first years in school, I joined the swim team as a spring board diver.  I loved the thrill and risk of breaking my neck and it was a way of diving in and out of water every day for two years.  Shortly I joined the Navy, again adventure and the love for water and the ocean seemed to grow.  As natural as only a diver can understand I became a Navy diver.  I’ve spend thousands of hours in the ocean, I once got to dive on the USS Monitor buried somewhere of the coast of North Carolina.  It amazes me how little people consider the oceans.  The dead spots growing throughout the ocean are growing.  Our dependence on oil is marring the oceans and destroying and echo system that threatens our very existence.  Whales are being killed as well as dolphins.  People stop drinking the cool aid.  -  Ed

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