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Amy McBride

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Amy McBride
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I still regard myself as a novice diver as I have been working on obtaining my Dive Master certification for over 9 years now. I am not able to dive every day let alone every year-so each time I dive I have to spend a week getting back into my dive groove.

I first began diving in Indonesia in 2004 at the time of the Tsunami. I started with family members off the island of Lombok and the smaller islands around it including Gili Trawangan. I now have my Rescue Diver certification and I am slowly working towards Dive Master. I live in Canada, and I am closely connected with a dive team in Indonesia so I have been continuing my in-water dive education with them. Hopefully I will have my Dive Mater certification before 2015 and can continue diving and leading others in Indonesia and Australia.

I am passionate about Ocean awareness, especially for the people around me that have never been diving and do not realize what our Global citizens are doing to our water planet. I try and use facebook to make others aware of Shark and Whaling practices that are destroying their populations. My goal as a diver is to constantly work on awareness, especially when I cannot be diving and working with those who are also concerned about the conservation of our water planet.

I cannot wait to dive with Whale sharks, and a variety of whales!

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